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FFF Evaluations

Complete our  1-Stage Evaluation or  to become a Virtual funded trader receiving up-to 90% profit split and no rules after the third payout or get directly funded with our instant funded challenges.


EA's HFT allowed .



Demonstrate your skills in a low-cost, low-pressure trading environment

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How, When & What?

Account holders of FFF are paid 60% of the total profit generated from their account, with the first payout becoming eligible 30 days from their first trade; after the first payout, the second payouts are scheduled bi-weekly also and the third payout and the next ones are scheduled bi-weekly. Payouts are processed within 3-7 business days, and account holders can request a payout via bank transfer and Digital currency.

Trading Objectives

Select the evaluation that best aligns with your trading style from our range of options, and initiate the evaluation process. Our evaluations are tailored to suit traders of all experience levels and offer varying levels of funding, risk parameters, and evaluation periods. Here is a table overview:

Become A Funded Trader

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